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WPATH Evaluations

I have been actively working with clients in the LGBTQ+ and transgender community for over 10 years, and I am passionate about helping transgender clients reach their personal goals with transitioning.  I am a member of WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health) and I hold all necessary licensure requirements to provide diagnostic evaluations and letters for gender affirming treatment.  

Preparing for your assessment:

It is highly recommended that you have received your surgical consultation and have chosen a medical doctor at the time of your evaluation.  Your letter will be faxed to your treating physician to ensure it is received prior to your procedure(s).  Your letter will not be written and submitted until you have your medical/surgical plan in place.  

WPATH evaluations are ONLY available to clients 18 and older per MS and FL state law.  You are not guaranteed a letter at the end of your evaluation and further mental health counseling may be recommended before a letter is provided.  WPATH assessments are self pay only and will not be billed to your insurance company.  A super bill can be provided for this service if you would like to apply for reimbursement from your insurance company.  Reimbursement is at the discretion of your insurance company and is not guaranteed.  Please see the Insurance and Fees page for rates. 

If you would like referrals for HRT and/or participating surgeons, please contact me via email for a list of recommendations. 

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