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Mental Health Counseling

If this is your first time seeking therapy, welcome!  I strive to create a safe, confidential, and supportive environment to help you explore your past and/or current life stressors.  I believe that anyone can benefit from having the space to explore traumas, anxieties, depression, life transitions, and more. 


I am licensed in both Mississippi and Florida and I am able to offer services to anyone 13 and older in both states.  However, I am physically located in Florida so I am only able to provide Telehealth counseling to Mississippi clients.  My physical office is located in Maitland, FL and I am able to accommodate Florida clients both in person and virtually. 

What to expect:

In our initial session, we will get to know each other and focus on exploring your goals for therapy.  We will discuss things like your mental health history, current symptoms, family and relationship dynamics, and your current health and wellness.  Together, we will set realistic short and long term goals to work toward in future appointments.  My job is to create the space for you to dive deeper and explore your thoughts, feelings, and hurdles, and to provide support, feedback, and accountability to help you get to where you want to be.

Understanding Telehealth:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for virtual healthcare services increased which allowed mental health therapists to expand their practices statewide.  We are now able to meet with our clients electronically which offers more flexibility with your time and schedule and eliminates the need to find providers who are only located in your area.  Telehealth reaches people in rural parts of the state, those with physical disabilities and limitations, and people with limited access to healthcare, and it opens the door for everyone to have access to mental health services. 

I offer Telehealth services via my practice management software, Simple Practice.  Upon scheduling, you will receive a link to access your appointment via email and text.  You can quickly log in to your session from your computer using this link.  You can also use a mobile device for sessions, but you will need to download the Simple Practice Video app to log in to your session.  Appointments will always be conducted in my physical or home office, and your privacy will be protected in the same way it would be for in office appointments.  It is up to you to ensure that you have a stable WIFI connection and a comfortable, distraction free space during your appointment. 


You may use the link on the homepage to request an appointment through my online client portal.  A credit card is required to request an appointment, but your card will not be charged.  Please be advised that the client portal will display my available openings in Eastern time.  If you do not see a date or time that works for you, you may reach out to me via email to discuss finding an opening that works best for you.  I kindly ask that you email me during business hours if you have any specific questions regarding appointments.  I am generally not available to return phone calls during business hours, but I can always ensure a quick response to your inquiry if you contact me electronically.  Text is also okay, and my business phone number and email address are encrypted and HIPAA compliant. 

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